Life With Gabriel

[ On Self-Disgust ] Jade: I feel bad about myself. :( Gabriel: Here… [hands me a bottle] …Drink some water. Jade: … (ok ok.. in his defense and to put it all in context, this happened just after eating waffles ‘à-la-mode’)

Life With Gabriel

[ On Attention ] Me: [Petting one of our 6 dogs] Who’s a good boy? Who’s a gooooooood boy. Gabriel: Me! I’m a good boy!! I am! [wagging his non existent tail]

Unexpected [ invited ] Guest

 [ Volare ] For a couple of weeks, we thought we had accidentally planned our wedding on the night of a lunar eclipse. Turns out the eclipse was the night before the wedding [you know, when they say 4am on April 15th, they mean the night of the 14th to 15th, not the night of…

Life With Gabriel

[ On Awkward Silences ] [during a silence while eating lunch] Gabriel: Tell me more Jade: No [motions to full mouth] Gabriel: Tell me with your eyes. Jade: [series of random eye expressions while chewing] Gabriel: So, you were waiting for the guagua, but some guy cut you off and that was the last seat,…

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He liked it, so he put a ring on it.

We’re trying to do this wedding as cheap as possible, and the best way to do that was to sign all the paperwork at the “oficialia de estado civil” because it’s cheaper than having them come to you the day of the wedding. I don’t really trust the dominican system, or our crappy lawyer, so…


DIY Wedding Invites – Surf Inspired

One of the major inconveniences of living on the North shore of the Dominican Republic is the complete lack of proper print shops. While you probably have access to a staples or its equivalent, and you take for granted being able to print perfect double sided business cards overnight as a right, not a privilege,…

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Peekaboo, I see blue!

So you found the perfect shoes, but they’re missing that little je-ne-sais-quoi. How about sprucing them up yourself, Louboutin-style?!?

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Why I Don’t Have An Engagement Ring

Gabriel and I aren’t the biggest traditionalists, as you might have figured out while reading the post about my wedding dress.

So when it came to our official engagement, things didn’t go quite like they do on a “regular” basis.

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Love is A Garden

It’s tough to find love, and even tougher to keep it, especially if no one’s ever taught you how. These are a few tricks I learned the hard way.

Life With Gabriel

[ On Wedding Vows ] Gabriel: [finally understanding what a vow is] Oh, so it’s just what you say before the “I do” part. Me: uhhuh! Gabriel: So you say whatever you wanna say! “I’ll love you forever baby girl. Even when your boobies are saggin’, Even when my balls hit the floor, I know…