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Love is A Garden

Finding True Love in 4 (not-so-easy) Steps

Step 1- Prepare Yourself to Receive Love

The ground must be fertile for the seed of love to grow.
Put yourself in a state that will let love grow in your heart.

  1. love yourself
  2. respect yourself
  3. find yourself (or at least look)

Step 2- Sow Your Love Strategically

Put yourself in situations where you are more likely to encounter love.
Know where to look for love. It’s simple: Love is hidden in all the things YOU love.
I don’t mean your shoes or the latest blockbuster…. The deeper you go the deeper the connection.
Go out and do things you love.

Step 3- Nurse Your Newfound Love

Take good care of your love, especially at the beginning.
This doesn’t mean you need to baby it or hold its hand through the difficult moments, in fact, you should expose it to all the seasons as quickly as possible.
Put all challenges out up front, if this new seed doesn’t survive its first winter, it wasn’t meant to be.
BUT nurse your love back to health after every blow and help it grow strong.
This phase should be short.

Step 4- Cultivate and Harvest Love

The more you give, the more you get.

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