Life With Gabriel

[on compromises] [after spending a rainy day in the Westfalia in a Vancouver parking lot] Gabriel: Rain rain go away…. The end.

Life With Gabriel

[on culture shock] [while walking down the street discussing disturbing cultural differences between the Dominican Republic and the United States] Gabriel: And you know what else? Jade: What? Gabriel: No one looks at you here!

Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone.

It’s easy in a relationship to become dependent lean too much on your other half. I’m currently trying to take off the training wheels. Practicing Self Love

Life with Gabriel

[on never going to sleep on bad terms] Jade: [sleeping peacefully] Gabriel: [clocks Jade in the face with a pillow, 4.3 in the pillow fight Richter scale] Jade: WTF?!?!? Why you wake me up?!? Gabriel: [sleeping peacefully] (no word of a lie) —- hour and a half interlude —- Jade: [sleeping peacefully] Gabriel: [all up…

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Sea Foam Ice Caps

An Image Gabriel took of sea foam not long ago. I love the feel of this one, at once calm and chaotic. Water is the stuff we are made of.

Making my own wedding dress

DIY Wedding Dress Under $200

DIY wedding dress for under $200 and less than that 15 steps. Plus it’s edgy, modern, and really cute. See how I made it.

Life With Gabriel

[ on timely comments ] Jade: [ getting her eyebrow stitched up after a surf "accident" ] Gabriel: [ intently watching the doctor's every move ] Jade: [ to the doctor ] can you get the drip on my eyelid please? Gabriel: I’m hungry.

Life With Gabriel

[on early morning math] Jade: You want one egg or two? Gabriel: 7 Jade: you want one egg or two? Gabriel: 7 ….. divided by 2 minus 1 point 5 Jade: …



Little doodles Gabriel drew on the beach to keep himself occupied while I meditated. ;)

Why I stopped wearing make-up

When Gabriel and I first decided we were going in it for the long haul, I told him straight up, “If there’s anything I do, ever, that you don’t like, or don’t appreciate, or otherwise rubs you the wrong way, you tell me right away. I don’t want you holding on to little things here…