He liked it, so he put a ring on it.

We’re trying to do this wedding as cheap as possible, and the best way to do that was to sign all the paperwork at the “oficialia de estado civil” because it’s cheaper than having them come to you the day of the wedding.

I don’t really trust the dominican system, or our crappy lawyer, so we did it with time to spare, in case anything went wrong. We wanted to be officially married by our wedding date, so we went the 19th of March, almost a month to spare.

We rounded up our usual suspects:

the-usual-suspectsMadrina: Superstar Allison Sade

Padrino: Mr. Osterlund, Surfer Extraodinaire

Photographer: Tia Maru a.k.a. Hada Madrina

Here they are waiting out front for our turn, looking like the badasses that they are:

Let me give you a little insight into the Dominican Republic legal system…. they still use these things:

oldschool, vintage, typography, typewriter, mechanical, steampunkNo joke.

So here we are, in a tiny little sweaty room, packed with people, no aircon, fan blowing papers on the desk around and the judge makes everyone move aside and make some room, places 4 chairs in front of his desk for our 2 witnesses and ourselves, we said our “I dos”

Then he had us slip the rings on. Of course Gaby had to get all silly on me and put a ridiculous smile on my face.

getting hitched, elope, laugh, young couple, white, put a ring on it, slipping on the ring

And we kissed!!!

romantic, couple, kiss, kiss the bride, vintage, warm, white, tan, young couple in love

Well it turns out our photographer had snuck in some rice and showered us in organic confetti, which got everywhere, while all the people waiting for their turned watched. We all had a good laugh.

I duno though, seems to me Gaby thought he was makin’ a mistake ;)

oh not, hold my head and cry, what have I done

Just kidding. We’re still laughing about Maru’s rice.

Ok, back to business, we got the signing done in the big official book.

singing, making it legal, witnessing a dominican wedding

And just like that, it’s official, we’re husband and wife!!



5 thoughts on “He liked it, so he put a ring on it.

  1. OH , hermosos niños…. qué emoción más grande, tanto las fotos como el relato bellísimo; confío en que se animen a venir a Chile “asap”.
    Mil mil felicidades para ambos. Un abrazo enorme. Los queremos mucho, besos Tía M. Julia y primos.

    1. Hola todos!!! gracias por el mensaje! Claro que vamos a pasar por Chile, la pregunta es cuando! Pero los vamos a avisar! Muchos besitos, al placer de conocerlos :)

  2. Que hermosa manera de demostrar su amor por el otro!! Los felicito, de verdad me emocione como dieron a conocer su matrimonio… Muchas felicidades a los dos, especialmente a mi primo. Gabriel aunque no nos hayamos conocido tanto, de verdad estoy muy feliz por ti, se te ve lleno de amor y felicidad !!. Un abrazo enorme y que el amor que se tienen el uno por el otro los ayude en cada momento de tormenta guiandolos hacia el otro…
    Cariños y Felicidad para ambos =)

  3. Sooo nice!!!!! Congrats!!! Id like it a lot is a great tradition :) u both look super cute and in love best wishes!!! Hope to see u son in the states :) xoxo

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